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Do you feel frustrated? Like anxiety is looming around every corner, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it? Are you embarrassed about your anxiety, and wish for a day when you can just relax like everybody else?

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5 Tricks I Used to Conquer Imposter Syndrome

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At the age of 23, I received my first taste of success in my career. I definitely wasn’t buying my first yacht, but I was able to take care of myself well, enjoy several international vacations every year and put aside some savings. Additionally, I led a big-budget design project that had the eye of members from the Abu Dhabi royal family. Most members on my team were over a decade older than me. At the time, I assumed I was just lucky – in the right place at the right time. Or, perhaps, I was just good at appearing to be intelligent. Eventually, I thought, my luck would run out. I imagined the day when my boss would suddenly realize that I’m just a normal guy and I’d get dropped down a few pegs.

If you’ve ever had this feeling, that you might be ‘found out’ to be in a role, or relationship, that is better than you deserve, you are not alone. It is called ‘Imposter Syndrome,’ and it is shared by many.

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The Ultimate Guide to Waking Up Early

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I am a night owl, and I spent years trying to wake up early. Every once in a while, I was successful – and I loved it. On these rare occasions, I’d be up at the crack of dawn – before anybody else in the neighborhood was awake. I’d make myself a coffee, sit at my desk and get more done in that first hour of the day than I would have in the first four hours at my distraction-ridden office.

It was on these days that I’d swear to wake up early ‘from here on out!’ Then, I would snooze over and over again for another 6 months until I happened to get up early again.

I’m going to share with you the secrets I’ve learned to waking up early and get a head start on your day – and on your peers.

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How To Get Negative Thoughts, Depression and Anxiety Out Of Your Head

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I Can’t Stop Thinking About It, So It Must Be True! Right?

We humans have very active imaginations. Thoughts come and go, like clockwork. For the most part, we don’t give much credibility to thoughts that randomly pop into our heads (“Am I an alien?” or “I bet cats can talk to each other!”). Sometimes, though, a thought doesn’t go away.

This unfortunate thought process is the result of several brain functions that, independently, serve perfectly reasonable purposes but are disastrous when activated simultaneously. Think of it like a toddler, a hammer, and a laptop. Separately, these items are great for their purposes. But combine them, and unlikely you’ll be checking your emails anytime soon.

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Will Your Natural Instincts Lead You To Happiness?

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Over the past decade, I’ve read volumes of books, articles, journals, interviews, blogs, tweets, and musings on the topic of happiness. My favorite flavor of happiness writing is the exploration of our brain structure – particularly the way that our minds are wired and how we can use this understanding to our benefit.

Through this inaugural blog post, I’ll share with you the thesis of this Blog: That our minds are not naturally set up to lead us to happiness in the day and age in which we live. You see, our ancestors, the Homo habilis, spent about 2.8 million years evolving. Their ancestors, the Hominidae, diverged from Gibbons about 15–20 million years ago. In fact, the earliest known fossils of primates are from the Paleocene, around 55 million years ago.1 That’s a lot of evolution and, for the most part, provided a consistent environment within which to evolve – Dangerous animals, rival tribes that might kill you, long gaps between finding food, and sexy tribal women wearing nothing but loincloths.

All of the sudden, about 10,000 years ago, agriculture and civilization appeared. This changed everything. Fast forward to our modern age, with fast food, porn, theme parks, and functioning legal systems – it is clear that our environment is strikingly different from that of our ancestors. Unfortunately, our brains haven’t had a chance to adapt to our new world.

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I’ve developed a practical, results-oriented plan to help eliminate anxiety from your life. It works, and helps people who suffer from anxiety to life a more fulfilled, fear-free life. Without anxiety in your way, you can focus on the things that really matter in life, like family, friends and simply savoring the little things!

The cornerstone of this blog is the Redirect Anxiety Habit, a complete instructional course to walk you through the plan I’ve created for overcoming anxiety. Trust me, it’s worth every penny.

In this blog, I offer practical advice to living a happier life, free from anxiety. I explore our natural tendency to do the opposite of what makes us happy – and offer plans to beat human nature.


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