6 Gestures to Boost Happiness and Confidence in 5 Minutes

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Body language is usually considered from one angle: How does your emotional state of mind affect your body language? But this is only half of the picture. But there is another aspect to consider:

Our physical actions, gestures and expressions can directly impact our emotional state of mind – for better or for worse.

The research into this area of science is extensive – and intriguing. Let’s take a look at 6 ways that you can change your body language to increase your happiness and confidence…

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The Bridge to What You Want is Littered with Failure. Cross It.

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Alexandra, an optimist, and Richard, a pessimist, live on opposite sides of the country, but both decide that now is the time to turn their passion for wedding planning into a real business. So, they acquire a business license and open up shop.

On the surface, they both seem to be optimistic about their new ventures. They imaging themselves in the midst of big, fancy weddings — directing each occasion like an elegant conductor leading an orchestra.

Fast forward 2 years, and they both have failed miserably. For both, it just didn’t work out. This is when the difference between a true optimist and a pessimist begins to show.

Richard, the pessimist, feels that he just doesn’t have what it takes to run a business. To him, some people have what it takes and others simply don’t. After giving entrepreneurship a shot, he’s found out which camp he belongs to. Going forward, Richard freshens up his Resume and decides to stick with corporate life from here on out.

Alexandra, the optimist, feels she didn’t have the right combination of skills and resources to make her business a success — but she knows that if she acquires these skills and resources then she will be successful the next time around. Herein lies the critical difference between an optimist and a pessimist and the reason why so many entrepreneurs are optimists.

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A Single Action for Dramatically Improved Relationships

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I heard a thud next to me, as I lay next to my wife. It was late at night, and eerily quiet in our little hut, which happened to be floating in a giant man-made lake in a nature preserve in central Thailand called Koh Sok. Cherise was already sleeping.

We had spent the last week hiking through deep, dense forests. Our ‘guides’ seemed to be making up new trails as they went. Leeches were our biggest enemy, wriggling up from the trail and clearly visible in the threads of sunlight that could be seen through the dense canopy of trees. Just the day prior, I was bitten by a pufferfish while floating down an isolated, gently flowing creek.

The generator in our cabin was already turned off for the night, so I pointed my flashlight at the thud. It was a giant bug, about the size of a chicken nugget, that had fallen from the ceiling and landed on my sleeping wife’s neck. I brushed it off, told her what happened, and we laughed about it as we checked the room for any other intruders.

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True Happiness vs Mainstream Fun: Settling the Debate

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When you achieve happiness, you can have fun just about anywhere. Some of greatest memories are during times when I was in what are, on the surface, miserable environments. In Thailand with my wife, Cherise, we went hiking through a dense forest which, little did we know, was littered with millions of leeches. Jumping around to escape the leeches with Cherise was a blast! And, it is a memory I won’t forget. Now, we say things like, “Love you times all of the leeches in Thailand” – An acknowledgement that this is essentially the largest multiplier in existence.

When I was traveling Europe, my mom and I went to Venice on a backpacking trip. The last bus dropped us off at the wrong location, and we had to hike through torrential rain in the middle of the night, on no sleep, for over an hour. Cars drenched us, and our massive backpacks, with buckets of water as they passed. And when we got to our campground/hostel, it was locked up for the night. This, among hundreds of others, is one of my favorite memories with my mom.

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The Ultimate Guide to Waking Up Early

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I am a night owl, and I spent years trying to wake up early. Every once in a while, I was successful – and I loved it. On these rare occasions, I’d be up at the crack of dawn – before anybody else in the neighborhood was awake. I’d make myself a coffee, sit at my desk and get more done in that first hour of the day than I would have in the first four hours at my distraction-ridden office.

It was on these days that I’d swear to wake up early ‘from here on out!’ Then, I would snooze over and over again for another 6 months until I happened to get up early again.

I’m going to share with you the secrets I’ve learned to waking up early and get a head start on your day – and on your peers.

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